Rempp kitchen quality

Convince yourself of the unique quality of a Rempp kitchen and rely on a high-performance and experienced partner when buying your kitchen.


Rempp kitchen design is constantly developed in cooperation with our dealers, external designers and our sales employees. Contemporary colours, shapes and materials are as important as creating durable solutions. That is why a Rempp kitchen doesn’t loose its attractiveness even after years of use.

Product quality

We place great value on quality and functionality when choosing our products. This commitment is reflected in the diversity of our kitchen details.


Rempp Küchen stands out with the multiple award-winning service in cooperation with our dealers. We aim for qualified order processing, competent advising and support by our field services and tailored production.

12 arguments for Rempp quality

  1. Cabinet-side, cabinet-bottom and shelves 19 mm thick, rear panel 8 mm thick
  2. Drawers and pull-outs up to 60 cm wide: Load bearing capacity 40 kg
  3. Pull-outs from 80 cm wide: load-bearing capability up to 70 kg
  4. Soft closing of the drawers and pull-outs using soft retraction damper, high lateral stability
  5. Large storage space thanks to the straight inner sides of the drawers and pull-outs
  6. Large selection of front versions
  7. 25 Standard decors without surcharge
  8. zeroSock – cabinet solution without loss of space in the base
  9. Solid blackboard cabinet available at an additional cost
  10. First-class service
    • Complete field service support
    • Qualified order processing
    • Versatile sales support
  11. Variable cabinet-height, cabinet-width and cabinet-depth
    • Individual special production
    • Mitre solution for doors and side panels
  12. As a family business, Rempp has been producing kitchens since 1930.
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