The company was founded in 1930 by master cabinetmaker Ernst Rempp in a small parents’ workshop in Fluorn near Rottweil. The first kitchen buffets were series produced here.


In 1935, the lack of space made it necessary to relocate to Wildberg with 10 employees. After the Buffet there followed the Reform kitchen in 1948, the Sweden kitchen in 1955 and then the modular kitchen on the way to today’s built-in kitchen.


In the second generation, the company is managed by Eberhard Rempp and Ruth Deuble. Numerous new production developments, investments in the production as well as long-term commercial relationships allow for a constant growth.

Christoph Deuble has been active in the company since 1987, Johannes Deuble since 1992 and Matthias Rempp since 1998.


With over 120 employees, today Rempp produces kitchens with high quality and design standards. Company’s strength is characterised by individual, quick response to customer wishes.

Southern Germany is the main sales area of Rempp Küche. Moreover, over 30% of the kitchens are sold in Europe and beyond.

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